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7" Vinyl Single + CD + Poster + Sticker + Inlay out now +++ limited on 300 copies +++ Coverartwork by Andreas Preis +++ mixed and mastered by John Hermansen (Mother Misery) +++ John Lancaster from Chum / USA did the vocals on SLEEPWALKER

Some of you long-time Stonerrock fans will recall Germany's Duster 69 , the brainchild of Jochen Boellath, Daredevil Records label chieftain and THC fretboard shredder extraordinaire. Jochen has joined forces with a couple of solid musicians and put out a 7” single and video for his new band, the aptly monikered Grand Massive. Duster 69 evolved from straight ahead Kyuss-influenced Stoner Rock into a band which differentiated itself with a deft knack for a Pop hook and catchy chorus. Grand Massive picks up right where Duster 69 left – incredibly heavy, distorted guitars offset with rich melodies and Boellath's Pop sensibilities. He's the Paul McCartney of the Stoner Rock set.
A long-distance Mutual Admiration Society garnered former Chum vocalist John Lancaster, who wrote the lyrics to and sang on “Sleepwalker”. New permanent vocalist Alex does the honors on a retool of the Duster 69 diddy, “Going Into Red”. The new production givesit a sheen the song lacked in it's previous incarnation – a glossy, jet-propelled guitar tone and roomy sound.
It's hard to judge by two songs, especially with one of them being a cover, but it appears that Grand Massive picks right up where Duster 69 left off. Fans of heavy rock's quirky-but-melodic side ala' Foo Fighters, Them Crooked Vultures, The Freeks and Queens of the Stone Age will certainly dig this.